Tina Varughese

Described as a ‘dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable and humourous’ speaker,

Tina is often rated as ‘the best speaker of the conference’. Her interactive approach is insightful and her delivery is highly entertaining. She breaks down barriers to create a comfortable and fun space where people ask the questions they might otherwise be afraid to ask.

For fifteen years Tina Varughese, B.A., B.Comm., worked with immigrants in her roles with the Province of Alberta’s immigration office as well as running her own successful relocation and settlement firm. She is a contributing writer for the Human Resource Institute of Alberta’s Network magazine, Calgary Real Estate News, Home to Home magazine and nationally syndicated Mompreneur Magazine.

Tina has been the face of diversity, literally, when she was chosen to be in Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty representing beauty in diversity. With two kids, five fish and one husband, she resides in Calgary where she recently began hip hop classes.

Keynotes & Workshops


50 Shades of Beige: Communicate with the Cross-Cultural advantage

Human Resources

Recruiting and Retaining Foreign Workers for Success and Sustainability


Gen Zen: Communicate, Collaborate and Cooperate in the Changing Workplace

Inclusive Leadership: From Silos To Solutions

What is Unconscious Bias: Making a First Impression in Seven Seconds or Less

Sales and Service

Successfully Selling and Servicing to All Cultures

Work-Life Balance

Ctrl-Alt-Del: Give the (Re) Boot to Work-Life Balance





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