Tanya Porter

Tanya Porter is the founder and Living Arts Director of The Inner Space; teaching meditation, and classical yoga to both adults and youth for over 20 years. She is also the creator of the mindfulness drumming modality Rhythmic Re-framing, bridging her 30 years of drumming experience together with her yoga and meditation practices. Her workshops and teambuilding programs are available for private, corporate, and educational settings.

As a drummer/percussionist, she studied at The Ontario College of Percussion and with internationally renowned Afro-Cuban and West African drum masters such as Ignacio Depineda, Carlos Godinez, Djibe Sane, Famoudou Konate, Billy Konate and many others. She has recorded with numerous artists including; Corky and the Juice Pigs, Lili Zohar, Magdeline, Rick Monaco, and Michael Holt, and in soundtracks for CBC, YTV and for independent films. She has composed and recorded soundscapes for many live theatre and dance productions. Tanya has performed with Juno nominated Mr. Something Something, Kenny Kirkwood, The Spirit Drummers, Agoya and the Samba Squad,  was a member of traditional Malinke drum ensemble Bolokelen from 2000-2005, a member of the original West African band Ainike from 2007 – release of the recording Ainike in 2010, was a member of the original composing/recording quartet Drum Cultures and is a founding member of acclaimed quartet The River Pilots

Tanya is a certified classical yoga and meditation instructor from the The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre with over 20 years of practice and teaching experience.

Tanya teaches drumming and mindfulness workshops in private, corporate and educational settings. Some past workshop clients include KIA, CIM, UJA, BMO, Whirlpool, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Bombardier, Sears Festival, Ontario Place, Starlight Children’s Foundation, National Arts Centre (Ottawa), Tarragon Spring Arts Fair, Toronto Fringe Festival, Orillia Children’s Festival, Hillside Festival, Afrofest, York Region Transit, CIBC, the Toronto District School Board, and the York Region District School Board.


5 minute Fix

Join Tanya* for a positive, playful and replenishing experience that will leave you with a tool kit of 5 minute techniques to regroup, refresh and refocus.

New developments in neuroscience have shown what ancient mindfulness and meditation practices have claimed for over 5,000 years.  The physical and mental benefits of just 5 minutes of meditation a day are too numerous to count. It is not necessary to navigate pressure in your work life by the extremes of either taking a weeklong vacation from work, or soldiering on through without respite. The most effective, efficient (and inexpensive!) stress buster is available in a 5 minute fix!

These simple and enjoyable tools and techniques will empower you so you can apply a 5 minute fix as needed through your workday to enhance your productivity, positivity, creativity and focus.

*Tanya brings more than 30 years of Living Arts practices to you in a comprehensive, accessible and easy to implement system.


Half Day Workshop  (10-15 people)

This customized workshop incorporates your company’s structure and goals.  You will be introduced to and experience powerful tools that reduce workplace stress. Practice and implement techniques that will lead to the development of a Mindfulness and Wellness office culture, one that will support and maintain productivity, positivity, creativity and focus throughout the day.


Full Day Workshop (10 – 15 people)

This customized workshop incorporates your company’s structure and goals.  An extension of the half day program, this Workshop offers more in-depth learning, understanding and practice.  Converting  the overwhelm and stress of work into an office culture of Mindfulness and Wellness is the key component of this program.  Participants gain insight and a foundation to continue to develop mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Introduction to powerful tools and efficient techniques to reduce stress and balance energy in your workday.

Grounding – to stabilize focus in a multi-tasking environment

Mindfulness – to stay present to the tasks at hand

Breathing Techniques – to release stress, replenish energy +more

Office Yoga– to release discomfort in the body to support a full workday

Energy Awareness & Regulation– to reduce reactivity and promote positive choices

Positive Language-to communicate needs and to change perspective thereby changing the outcome of any given day

Learn how to apply those tools to support you in maintaining productivity, positivity, creativity and focus throughout the day.

Create a personalized Workday Plan that incorporates these tools and techniques.


Mindfulness & Wellness in the Corporate Structure

8 one hour sessions over 8 weeks

Tanya guides you through a restructuring of your Corporate Culture to integrate a non-disruptive and highly supportive Mindfulness and Wellness system.

Each weekly class will focus on a specific topic with correlating tools.  You will learn the importance and benefit of that topic, the correct use of its tools and the seamless way its use can become a part of your workday.

The nature of this 8 week program is an introduction to an in-depth exploration of the individual practice.

What makes this program unique is that every time Tanya visits you, your Awareness deepens and your internal practice is strengthened. These sessions build upon the week before, and provide the time for new mindfulness tools to become habit. A peaceful, positive and productive workplace is then the inevitable and natural extension.  This holistic approach provides you with a Mindfulness & Wellness system that combines an internal practice with tools that will support and maintain productivity, positivity, creativity and focus throughout your work life and beyond.


  1. What is Mindfulness? What is the nature of the Mind? -Learn how to stay present and notice the commentary of the lower mind without getting distracted.
  2. The Power of Breath-Release stress, replenish energy, and regulate energy balance
  3. Concentration – Develop the key to success in any endeavour
  4. Non-Attachment – Get on with corrections and move forward
  5. The Architecture of Self – Understand your intrinsic nature and the nature of others
  6. Compassion- Develop positive self-talk and communication
  7. The Practice- Deepen and personalize your practice so that it’s YOURs
  8. Mindful Workplace – Create Agreements and Implement office wide Mindfulness Moments

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