Scott Walker

Scott Walker is a singer, actor, writer, broadcaster, and music history buff – in other words, he hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up. He was a news anchor at CBC Radio, where he first developed his Musical Almanac, a weekly feature on the history of popular music. From that, he developed two one-man music shows – What Exactly IS the Great American Songbook? and Too Marvelous For Words: the Johnny Mercer Story – along with his speaking engagements on the History of Popular Music. Scott has appeared on stage across Canada in productions that range from Shakespeare to Steinbeck to Sondheim, and was recently featured in the Hallmark TV movie, Freshman Father. His Big Band CD includes classics from the Great American Songbook on which Scott is accompanied by a Who’s Who of Canadian jazz. His new digital single, Someone I Don’t Even Know, is a love song he wrote after meeting his wife, Anne, more than 30 years ago. He is the narrator on the Youtube comedy hit, Spiders on Drugs – 42-million hits and counting.


· The History of Popular Music – based on Scott’s popular CBC feature, the Musical Almanac. Scott tracks the development of popular music, with stories such as:

o The record that is considered the beginning of the rock’n’roll era, which began as the b-side of a forgotten novelty tune called Thirteen Women and Only One Man, and then languished in discount bins for almost a year before Hollywood gave it the push it needed;

o The night Elvis Presley’s first record was heard on the radio, while the future King of Rock’n’Roll hid in terror;

o Where the phrase “Elvis has left the building” came from

o The musician who bridged the gap between the Big Band era and the Rock’n’Roll era;

o How the record executive who turned down the Beatles redeemed himself with the help of one of the Fab Four

o The song from Porgy and Bess that became the theme of the Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation.

o The forgotten song that inspired the Beach Boys sound

· As an added bonus, Scott – who is also a recording artist – can demonstrate some of his stories by singing them with accompaniment


· Public Speaking – Scott’s experience as an actor, host, and former CBC News anchor give him a unique insight into how to engage an audience. He can show you how to get your message across in the most natural way.

· Speech Writing – Again, Scott knows how to engage an audience. His experience writing and anchoring the CBC National Radio news, his Musical Almanac, and his advocacy speeches on behalf of the arts community are a testament to that. He can help you craft your message.

· Media Interviews – Do you have to face the media? Do interviews? Explain your – or your company’s – actions and mandate? Scott has been on both sides of the interview exchange and can prepare you for anything the media is likely to throw at you.


Scott has enjoyed a 40-year career in the entertainment industry as a singer, actor, and host. His recordings vary from a love song he wrote for his wife when they first met to a CD that he recorded with the legendary Boss Brass. Scott’s specialty is music from the Great American Songbook made famous by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Scott can provide entertainment for your event with anything from piano accompaniment right up to a 21-piece orchestra.

· “Good Singer. Good Album.” – Glenn Woodcock, Jazz FM

· “Fantastic!” – The Morning Show, Global TV

· “A full, rich voice.” – ShowMusic Magazine

· “Oh, what a voice!” – Winnipeg Free Press

Scott also has two one-man shows, What Exactly Is the Great American Songbook? [tracing the history of the Great American songbook with music and stories] and Too Marvelous for Words: the Johnny Mercer Story [about the life of the four-time Oscar-winning writer, vocalist, and founder of Capitol Records.

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