Lori Dalton

Lori Dalton’s career includes 30 years with IBM Canada, where she also built relationships with a number of other organizations. Lori later worked with the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario (now Certified Professional Accountants of Ontario) as the Regional Marketing Director for the Greater Toronto Area-East.

Lori is also a successful entrepreneur: as President of the Lori Dalton Agency for Speakers and Coaches and as the founder of “Meeting of the Minds”, a non-profit group that brings successful entrepreneurs together to interact and share life experiences.

As a speaker and coach herself, Lori recognized a need for individuals to be matched with companies that value amazing speakers and coaches, in order for their employees to make a bigger difference in their contributions through improved performance, skills and attitude. The Agency has a speaker and or coach for everyone and a presenter for every topic, from management, leadership and improving mental performance, to travel, cooking, astronomy, dog training – even analyzing your handwriting!

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