Liz Scott, BSc., CPC, ELI-MP

The Entrepreneurial community knows her as the Business FireStarter for catapulting clients to extraordinary growth and results. This Marketing and Sales fireball has over 25 years’ experience as a senior Marketing executive leading entrepreneurs and small business owners well into 6 figures and beyond.  Recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the Business world she is an international speaker, author, panelist, and strategist. She has the absolute privilege of working with clients across North America teaching them the most effective Marketing and Sales techniques based on the stage of their business. Her clients hire her for her Business savvy, no BS approach and of course her signature trait of making Marketing and Sales fun!



“Show Me the Clients” – The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes You Don’t even Know You are Making”

It can be hard work finding clients

Most entrepreneurs work really hard for their money. And let’s face it; there is a LOT to do, especially when you are a one man or very small business!  If you feel you are working very hard, yet not able to land enough clients, you are most definitely not alone. In fact this is how most entrepreneurs feel.

Many entrepreneurs are simply doing the wrong things

As a successful entrepreneur myself, I watch how most entrepreneurs spin their wheels trying to get clients. I watch them putting in loads of effort in and getting disappointing results. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are putting their efforts into the wrong actions, and pretty much guaranteeing themselves a very hard time with finding clients.

During this talk I will show you:

  • The 5 major Marketing mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from getting the clients they want
  • The #1 reason entrepreneurs struggle to get clients and get their business into 6 figures+
  • My simple, no-fail 3 step process for generating a lifetime of clients
  • The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now based the stage of your business
  • How to find your “Zone of Excellence” and make it a client attraction magnet!


Show Me the Money- How to get off the Revenue Roller Coaster Once and for All”

If you are like most entrepreneurs and small business owners you may struggle with how to get out of the “Feast or Famine” mode.  Specifically get off the revenue rollercoaster so that you have a consistent and sustainable income. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The Top 5 Tips to a Bulging Bank Account
  • Using a fool proof system that relies on Math not luck
  • Super Simple tactics to keep the revenue flowing
  • How to charge full service rates based on value
  • How to use leveraging and limiters to maximize effectiveness.


“What’s Your Wow – How To Create a Signature Lead Magnet”

Do you know what your WOW factor is? As a small business owner you should because What’s ordinary won’t work anymore. With today’s level of competition you really need to stand out in the crowd. How well do you represent your brand?

During this session you will learn:

  • #1 Thing That Will Set You Apart from the Competition
  • Top 3 Power Moves to Promote Your WOW!
  • Fabulous Wow Words to use when you describe your business and brand
  • How to turn your value proposition into an amazing lead magnet

If you are an independent business owner then this is the event for you! Learn how to stand out and get noticed!


“Simple Selling for Entrepreneurs”

If you are like most Soul based entrepreneurs you have a gift to share with the world and you are passionate about doing so BUT you may not love the part of your business where you actually have to sell something.  During this talk you will learn:

  • Super Simple Sales Formula that will not seem “pushy or salesy”
  • The #1 Answer to help you Overcome any sales objection
  • The Power of 3 to Help you close any sale
  • Selling with a Soul – share your passion and charge what you are worth!

Join me and learn how to sell with ease!


“Simple Selling On Steroids – Sell More. Close More”

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t closing more sales in your business?

Have you felt sure that you were going to get a new client only to fall short at the end of the sales call?

Do you struggle with overcoming objections?

Are you working way too hard to get the sales you want?

If you are tired of not getting everything that you want out of your business – and you want more clients, more cash and to simplify your sales conversations then this is the program for you.

In this program you will learn:

  • Your Best Sales Assets
  • Your Personal Sales Pitfalls
  • How to Close More Clients Faster
  • Why Your Selling Style Might Be Turning People Off
  • Your Biggest Sales Bang
  • And… The Sixty Second Close


“The Changing Landscape of Women In Business”

The role of Women in business has changed dramatically over the past 50 years and none more so than the role of Women Business Owners.  So let’s take a look at the progression of Women in the work force.

  • 50 Years ago in 1967 only 14% of women, full and part time were in the workforce. Fast forward 50 years and a whopping 52% of the workforce are women – FULL time workers.
  • What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s world as a woman and why is this important more now than ever
  • Where do you fall on the Entrepreneurial Continuum and how can you ensure success for years to come
  • How do you determine your personal success avatar to maximize your business goals?


“Million Dollar Messaging – The Winning Formula”

Not getting the kind of traction that you are looking for out of your Marketing efforts?  Chances are that you may suffer from what I call “Muddled Message Syndrome”.  In other words clients are not lining up at your door or screaming for more of what you have to offer.  Generally if you are not yet in the 6 figure range or are stuck in the low 6 figures, it is time for a messaging tune up!

You have a lot of Marketing tools in your tool box but if your message is muddled NOTHING will stop your business growth faster. Let’s be honest your Marketing message will be everywhere so you better get it right.  In this session you will learn:

  • The Top 3 Tips to create crazy good messaging
  • How to avoid the #1 pitfall most business owners make
  • Incorporating the Top 5 Buy Triggers into your messaging
  • Using Power Words to complete audience connection. 


“Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset – What Your Grandma Never Told You

Have you ever wondered what makes some entrepreneurs so successful while others struggle along?  Is it knowledge, passion, experience or is it something else altogether.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 4 C’s that are a must have for every successful Entrepreneur
  • Your Business “Terror Barrier” and how to overcome it.
  • The Change Management cycle and how to keep your business ahead of the curve
  • What is You “Zone of Excellence” and how to turn it into Entrepreneurial gold?

No matter what stage of business you are at if you want to grow as a business owner you are going to want to attend this session.  It is a don’t miss event!


Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals – From Complex to Compelling


Your technical skills and professional expertise are evidence of your ability to accomplish difficult tasks. Now you need to layer in great presentation skills to help you further advance within your organization and career. The ability to present articulately to customers, management, peers and others can significantly enhance your credibility, clout, and professional status. Delivering presentations at work or professional events is an unbeatable way to gain a reputation as a valued employee and an expert in your field. Clear and concise communication skills are critical. Even more so when communicating complex technical information to non-technical members within your organization. In today’s fast paced Market – we can’t afford to be misunderstood.  Whether you are new to presenting or simply looking to improve somewhat, excellent presentation skills will become a valuable asset to your toolbox.


Learn 5 critical steps to creating comprehensive and clear presentations

Follow a proven blueprint for scalable presentations for any audience size, presentation duration or topic.

How to keep you audience highly engaged even if you hate public speaking

Visuals – how to use them effectively, even if they are highly technical

Giving technical presentations to non-technical audiences – pitfalls and challenges and how to avoid them

Complete the workshop feeling confident to present in a clear, concise and organized fashion to all audiences.


Disrupted or Disruptor – Which Will Your Organization Become?


The Market leadership game has changed.  No industry is immune. We are seeing it every day with disrupters like Bit Coin, Airbnb, Uber and many, many others.  Traditional business paradigms are being challenged in every way and the old strategies are no longer the answer to economic Market leadership.  To provide a strong competitive advantage you must constantly be scanning the competitive landscape, and begin to utilize Agile techniques and management styles in every area of your business. Companies must be proactive in having creative growth strategies available, have Lean-Thinking initiatives in place and implement real-time Market management. If not you may find your company rapidly losing market share.


Understand the “Pivot to Profit” philosophy so that you control rather than react to Market changes.

Learn where your organization ranks on the Disrupter scale and what critical changes you may need to make to be at the forefront of your industry – what’s ordinary won’t work anymore.

Learn how the “shrink to grow” model is a primary factor in becoming an industry disrupter and why your organization needs to implement it.

Implement Agile modelling to mitigate Market disruption risk within your competitive landscape.

Complete the workshop and feel confident that you have tools in place to take a proactive stance to Market disruption.



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