Lesley Edwards

Dating Expert & Relationship Coach Lesley Edwards is known for helping single women unleash their inner goddess to find the love of their life. Coauthor of Love & Coaching with Men are from Mars expert Dr John Gray, Lesley is passionate about the kind of love that unlocks our greatest potential. Lesley’s mission is for women to know they are always supported & guided by wisdom & truth greater than we can fathom, a conspiracy by the divine & their own feminine inner goddess to fulfill their deepest desires with ease.


Finding Love: Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Smart Single Women Make – (2.5 hours)

Ever think to yourself “There must be an easier way!” or feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t find your ideal guy? Or worse you’ve started to convince yourself that there could actually be something wrong with you? Stop right there.

There IS an easier way! And you may have simply fallen into these counter-intuitive dating pitfalls that hold most smart single women back from the love of their life.

With a couple small shifts become irresistible to your ideal guy, and let your inner goddess lead the way to Claiming the love you deserve.


The Goddess Weekend: Unleash Your Inner Goddess – (2.5 days)

The Goddess Weekend is about stepping into your natural feminine power. Connecting to your deep desires for love and the other important areas of your life. Creating a delicious and compelling future that is totally aligned with your core values. Tapping into your deepest truth and using that to guide you in making choices that honour you & feel really good. Your Inner Goddess is waiting to guide you, it is time to listen to her whisperings.

In this 2.5 day live event, you will create your Goddess Guide Desire Map to set you on the course to fulfilling your desires immediately, so when your ideal man shows up, you recognize him.

You will also create a True Love Action Plan based on your core values, desires & truth, so you can confidently navigate the dating world, focus on the Right guys and know true love when you see it.

Make decisions from Your Truth (what honours you most deeply), instead of from logic & reasoning alone, and connect to the wisdom of your natural knowing sense.

Leading up to and after the live event you will receive 2 bonus coaching sessions with Lesley to get right to the source of what has you not attracting the relationship you really want right now.

You will receive exclusive membership to a private Facebook group that will connect you with like-minded women committed to transforming their love lives & attracting true love, before, during and after the live event.

You will have access to personal coaching, a supportive environment and a safe space to practice your learning in real time.

You will receive a beautiful Goddess Journal to record all the learnings you’ll want to remember.


Path to Love Roadmap Session

A comprehensive assessment to uncover the beliefs or emotional blocks holding you back from the relationship you really want. Once we get to the bottom of what has been holding you back, these blocks lose power immediately. Then with the Guided Love Mapping Process you will experience with crystal clarity what you really want in a relationship.

A powerful stand-alone assessment, and a pre-requisite for all coaching programs.


Building a Solid Base Program

This intro level program is perfect for those who want more out of their life & relationships, but don’t know how to get there.

This program is about providing you with an injection of enthusiasm and guidance each month. Includes 2 hours of coaching.

Empower Your Love Life Program

This program is about empowering those who are really serious about improving their love life, and wanting to implement new strategies quickly and effectively. Includes 4 hours of coaching.

VIP Rapid Results Program

For those people that are determined to achieve significant growth, rapidly improve their romantic life and overcome blocks. Also for people that want extra support and guidance between their weekly sessions, to make sure they are on track. Includes 4 hours of coaching, including one in-person session + Goddess Weekend + Online Dating Profile Re-write + All access pass (call/text/email anytime between sessions).

Goddess Spa Experience

For those ambitious women who are looking for the kind of love that lifts you up, unlocks your greatest gifts & has you feel so supported that you can see yourself brighter, bigger & more radiant than you thought possible. This revolutionary 60 day process combines deep, lasting transformation with the full goddess treatment.

Includes: 2 x 1:1 luxury VIP days + lunch & spa treatment at The Old Mill Toronto + 6 face-to-face virtual coaching sessions, Goddess Weekend + Online Dating Profile Re-write + All access, pre/post date support (call/text/email anytime between sessions)

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