Laurie Flasko, CSP, CEC

Laurie Flasko, CSP, CEC, is a sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, customer service expert, executive coach and author. She has been providing innovative business solutions to her clients for more than twenty years and has helped companies build service cultures that deliver outstanding business results.


In today’s competitive market, the need to deliver exceptional customer service is vital to differentiate your business from your competitor’s. Kindness, when used as a business tool is a competitive advantage and is at the core of her service philosophy. This is the foundation which creates emotional connection and delight customers at every touch-point. Imagine the accumulative results. Your customers, and your bottom line will love you!

Laurie brings with her 20 years of experience in the fields of training, leadership development and customer service. Laurie is one of only 61 Canadians to receive the Certified Speaker Professional Designation through the National Speakers Association. Laurie is also a Certified Trainer, Training Designer, Facilitator  and Certified Executive Coach (From Royal Roads).


Nothing speaks louder than results: Laurie’s mission is achieving positive results for her clients. Among her accomplishments, Laurie’s work directly contributed to her clients ranking as the second Best Employer in Canada by Globe & Mail Report on Business magazine and the Spas of America’s prestigious Top 50 Spas in Canada. Laurie’s two customer service programs, We Get It and We Get It 2, lead to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce nominating her client for a Service Excellence Award. In addition to realizing increased revenues, clients continue to receive numerous service awards and public recognition and consistently achieve outstanding member/customer experience scores.

Laurie’s GOING ALL IN attitude permeates her approach and is the spirit she fosters amongst your audience. Whether your team consists of ten or 500 members there are always opportunities to take your Team to new heights of performance. Utilizing experiential, interactive exercises and challenges we will tailor a program unique to the needs of your audience.



The Kindness Advantage

The transformative approach to boosting workplace morale, productivity and customer satisfaction

What if you could…

  • Measurably boost employee morale?
  • Increase productivity so things get done, faster and better?
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction so sales go through the roof?
  • Lead teams effectively with less conflict and more happy faces?
  • Create an environment where everyone is more engaged, smiles and laughs more often?

Those may seem like lofty goals. But they’re achievable for people and organizations that embrace The Kindness Advantage.

Kindness is doing something for others and expecting nothing in return.

It’s a simple concept — but transformative.

When people experience kindness, they respond positively and come back for more. Think about the teams you lead, the employees you manage, your colleagues, and your customers. Imagine them having more positive interactions with you and each other. Imagine the impact that would have on morale, productivity and customer loyalty?

That’s what Laurie Flasko’s motivating keynote is all about.

In her fast-paced presentation, Laurie shows your audience how to implement The Kindness Advantage in their lives and organizations in a way that gets measurable, bottom-line results. This is a transformative exercise that creates a tsunami of change for people and organizations. This isn’t just theory. Laurie shares scientific research, real-world stories, and step-by-step techniques that leaves your audience eager to get started. Be prepared for a lot of excitement and good will, as well as happy employees and customers!

Some of the tools Laurie puts in your audience’s “Kindness Toolkit” include:

The K.I.N.D. Methodology: Kinesthetic, Imagination, Neighbourly, Deliberate.

The Kindness challenge

What this keynote does most powerfully is to inspire people about kindness. If you want to embrace kindness, or implement this strategy in your organization, this keynote is your kick-start.


Rise to your Highest Potential ~ Characteristics of Fierce Kind Great Leaders

The term Good is the Enemy of Great not only applies to business but also to leadership today. In every facet of our lives, there exists the opportunity to be more self-aware and to strive for greater personal effectiveness. Your audience will learn to develop leadership skills and push personal boundaries, building on strengths, passion and determination, while taking a proactive approach to overcoming obstacles. This breakout or keynote session involves a combination of self-reflection and group discussion, which allows you to develop your individual plan for success all contributing to a greater sense of confidence.


Is Your Team Creating the Customer Experience?

In today’s competitive market, there is a definite need for consistency in delivering memorable service standards that differentiate your brand from your competition.

Your audience will be equipped with tools and strategies to work effectively as a team, and to deliver a “polished” customer experience. Discover how to make every customer feel welcomed, understood, taken care of and important with the exceptional care they have received at every touch point. Your customers, and your bottom line will love you!



Breakout Sessions and Team Building

Interactive Learning Techniques

In this highly interactive and experiential session, Laurie shares her best tips and tools to make your meetings, training or teambuilding; fun, memorable, and effective. Founded in the research of neuroscience, the theory of adult education and experiential learning, you will learn ways to engage your participants from the start to long after the session has finished. Learn to: introduce, reinforce, review, measure – learn games, tricks, jolt of energy, storytelling, debriefs, reflections and more… This is a value driven session!

Build the World’s Largest Domino Track out of Mac and Cheese Boxes (Donate to Food Bank) 

Add fun and a way to give back to your community. Imagine teams working together to create a domino track where boxes of Mac and Cheese twist and turn around pillars and over bridges. Although individual teams work together to creatively design and construct their own part of the track they adjoin to another team’s course to set up a “domino effect’ which could possibly set a Guinness World record … okay maybe your company’s world record! Food will be donated to the local food bank or shelter of choice. This session can be a full teambuilding breakout OR let it take on a conference theme of its own.

Let us energize you!

Our philosophy of GOING ALL IN permeates our workshop approach and is the spirit we foster amongst your Team.  We deliver programs which truly energize Teams and help you get the maximum return from your Event. Teams will leave feeling positive, inspired and motivated – truly a ‘go all in’ outlook to life and business. Whether you require small, intimate workshops designed to maximize performance, or desire a large-scale group activity/morale building event, we can offer solutions. Icebreakers, networking, teambuilding are a few options to energize your event.



Whether you are seeking a new career, dealing with a performance challenge or striving for outstanding performance, coaching can be the vehicle for transformational change, growth and results.


Imagine no limit

Together we will create the time and space you need to clarify your goals, take action and overcome barriers to achieve breakthrough results and performance.

With 20 years experience in leadership development, training, and team building I have helped companies build service cultures that deliver outstanding business results.  I have worked with a wide array of organizations from hospitality, municipalities and regional government, manufacturing, utilities, education, not-for-profits, financial services, and health care.  As a graduate of Royal Roads Executive Coaching, I help my clients achieve their personal best by tapping into their greatness.

My clients have reported:

  • increased sales
  • improved collaboration
  • clarity in decision-making
  • greater confidence
  • accelerate leadership development
  • enhanced team performance

Helping entrepreneurs, leaders and teams obtain extraordinary success is what I have always strived for in my coaching, customized training and speaking, getting the results you deserve and desire.
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