Kevin Huhn

Kevin Huhn is an award-winning business growth strategist and the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Be Your Best Today, a full service PR & communications firm.  He is a certified coach, radio show host, columnist, and the author of two books: “How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams: The science of attracting passion, purpose and a plan for the rest of your life” and “Hockey-ology: The ultimate guide to fun and success in minor hockey.”

Kevin spent over 30 years working at Fortune 500 and private companies while pursuing his boyhood dream of working in professional hockey.  He overcame numerous personal and financial setbacks along the way before this dream came true.  In 2007, he was offered the position of Director of Business Development with the Central Hockey League.

Over the next four years, Kevin led the 81-year-old hockey league through a comprehensive re-branding that resulted in greater recognition from the public, players, sponsors, and the media. With a new vision and focus, the CHL re-established itself as a major contributor to the development of professional hockey.  Kevin then re-invented his own life by becoming a full-time business consultant, coach, and mentor. He has combined his personal and professional experiences to help thousands of individuals and business owners break through barriers to success and attain their dreams.

His training and strategies on branding and media relations have inspired audiences across Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe.

As a funny, compassionate, and engaging speaker, Kevin is dedicated to providing business owners with proven strategies so they can achieve lasting profitability while ethically positioning their company top-of-mind for people to love.

Kevin lives in Markham, Ontario with his wife and children. In 2016, he realized another personal dream when his family took a year off to see Canada, travelling coast-to-coast in an RV.




Branding – The #1 Thing Killing Your Business (60 min to Half Day)

What if we told you that the number one thing killing your business is the same thing that can bring your business massive, long-lasting success?

And that you’re already doing it, even when you think you aren’t?

Perfected over 10 years working with businesses ranging from solopreneurs and start-ups to Fortune 500s across Canada and the US, Kevin’s interactive presentation offers a comprehensive, empowering approach. Through a powerful combination of demonstrations, interactive group participation, and hands-on-exercises, attendees will learn how to differentiate their business from their competitors, personalize their business for their clients, and strengthen their bottom line.

Plus gain,

a) An understanding of the 8 Core Principals of Building Your Brand

b) How to conduct a Gap Analysis and implement the 4-Step Process that will take their business to the next level of success

c) How to identify and nurture the 9 Relationships that Matter in any business

d) How to Leverage the Media to reap the rewards of free publicity

e) An Action Guide to take home so the benefits continue long after the presentation ends


The focus is on providing essential education and actionable steps that can be shared within any business and immediately implemented by management and staff.

As a truly interactive experience, this workshop will also facilitate stronger relationships amongst attendees.



WORKSHOP:  Story Telling To Win (60 min to 2 Hours)

If facts tell, and stories sell, then why do so many business people fail to communicate in a way that is interesting to their audience and beneficial to their company?

The answer stems from not understanding the art and science behind story telling. Around the world there is an awakening happening. What was the strong foundation of how business was conducted has crumbled. Today the ground work is being laid to build a base that cannot fall. Story telling connects people like nothing else.

Imagine being in a room filled with potential clients. Just before you are announced to speak and present your offer, they are told, “You don’t need to stay.”  How will you engage the audience to want to hear you?

If you are like most people, one of the first thoughts that go through your mind is… “What can I say to have them stay?”

After attending the Story Telling to Win workshop, attendees will know how to capture people’s attention, keep them engaged and then transport them to a predetermined point of arrival.

Through a combination of demonstrations, interactive group participation, and hands-on-exercises, members will learn how to use their natural story telling ability in order to stand out from their competitors, resonate with their audience, and in the end strengthen their bottom line.  They will learn,


  • Why it is so important to tell a story
  • What is story telling… really
  • Key components of story telling
  • The 7 Storytelling Mistakes & How to Guarantee You Never Lose Your Audience
  • The one thing people leave out when story telling in business
  • Designing a story in a business presentation
  • How to Conquer the Writer’s Arch Enemy – Writer’s Block
  • How to build sales & marketing presentations

The aim is to provide essential education and actionable steps so attendees will be able to elicit their innate storytelling ability.




Imagine if you could stand out and attract prospects PLUS be given a stamp of approval as a trusted adviser by a third party.  You would create distinction in the marketplace.  Make Media Matter helps you go from where you are now to media outlets saying, “We Want You!” so you can attract your perfect client.

Kevin shares how to make your business newsworthy and find ways to deepen your niche so you really stand out from the competition.  You will get the EXACT blueprint for success with this workshop filled with the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand-holding you need to get, literally, millions of dollars worth of press.  And all the exposure, credibility and opportunity that goes with it.

In this workshop you WILL LEARN:

  • How Media works
  • The Different types of media
  • Ways to get media attention
  • Why you need to set the right tone
  • Where your best media can be found
  • To improve your ‘voice’ to attract prospects
  • How to overcome the fear of LIVE media
  • Why your time is best invested in media relationship building


In this workshop you WILL NOT:

  • Expect the ‘Oprah Effect’,
  • React with, “Yeah, but that won’t work for me…”

“Within the first 45 minutes of our training Kevin had opened our minds to a whole new way of thinking about PR and media exposure.  His attention to detail and focus on delivering a huge amount of value, impressed me beyond belief. The level of knowledge and industry experience he was able to draw upon left us reeling with excitement and possibility.”
Geoff Edie, President, The Blackthorn Group


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