Katie Ford

Katie Ford is best known for co-writing and co-producing the hit film, Miss Congeniality and the the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated movie, Prayers for Bobby.

Successful LA screenwriter  ‘Miss Congeniality’  and TV writer/Producer (“Desperate Housewives’ “Transporter””Family tTes”) Katie is also a monologuist/motivational speaker.   She has spoken at UCLA, Outfest (Los Angeles), and on panels for the WGA and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  More recently Katie has been doing one person performances in Toronto and New York.  All of her talks have humor, heart and tools for overcoming obstacles.  Her main focus is creativity, inspiration and the power we have to make the world a better place.    Katie figured out how to be successful in a tough business (Hollywood) – starting at a young age and without the benefit of a college degree. Her life lessons, insights, and stories from life and from Hollywood will entertain and inspire. Katie started out doing standup in Toronto with such future luminaries as Jim Carrey and Howie Mandel.  Katie was a 15 year old comic when Jim Carrey was a 17 year old impressionist.  Katie’s passion now is to share life lessons through stories, to help give tools and hope, optimism, and humor. Always with humor.

Katie’s writing career started when at 21, she was hired to write on NBC’s hit sitcom Family Ties.  She wrote 10 episodes over the last two seasons of the show. Since then, she has written successfully for both comedy and drama with credits as diverse as ABC’s Desperate Housewives, Wonderful World of Disney’s critically acclaimed, Little House on the Prairie mini-series, and TNT’s Transporter series.

Ford now splits her time between writing for TV and Film, and creating new types of storytelling through digital media formats. Most recently, she was a consultant at tech giant Magic Leap, and her first digital media startup, FLAGSHIPTV, co-founded with Hope Royaltey, is partly backed by AOL.

Currently, she has co-written a comedy for The Sundance Channel for Oscar winner Patricia Arquette, and is developing an hour long series for CBC with director Roland Joffe.

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