Karin Vagiste

Karin Vagiste was granted the International Award of Excellence for her Peace-Building Strategies as a Mediator during her time at the Attorney General’s Office. Her mediation studies involved three countries, Sweden, United States and Canada, so she brings a well-rounded perspective to resolving a wide variety of conflicts. Karin is the director of “Solid Solutions,” a company that is dedicated to mediation,SIMED, seminars and coaching. She has enjoyed being the guest expert on numerous talk and phone-in shows in North America. Her book, “SETTLE IT!” has been translated into a number of other languages. She volunteers at the Distress Centre. Karin jokes that her passion for peace is rooted in her Swedish genes.


The DANGEROUS Myth About Stress Management

Karin Vagiste will most certainly challenge your perceptions about Stress Management. The World Health Organization has issued a grave warning, saying that by the year 2020, stress will be the leading cause of both physical and mental disability. All the conventional yoga and meditation programs have not managed to lower stress for the long term. They provide temporary escapes from stress. As an award-winning mediator, Karin created an exciting, revolutionary program called SIMED which addresses the underlying triggers of your stress in a practical way, thus lowering stress for the long term. Karin is an articulate thought leader in her field.  Your ROI will keep paying you back, because SIMED will be an active tool in every employee’s hand.



The stress of worry and frustration will rob you of precious energy, so come and be re-energized. Refuel your energy tank by lowering conflict-induced stress. We’re social, emotional beings, so the biggest source of stress comes from relationship problems. Karin Vagiste, who is an award-winning expert in mediating conflicts, will share her easy-to-follow peace-building strategies, so that your conflict will become a catalyst for positive change. The inspirational cartoons from her book, “SETTLE IT!” will provide a visual summary of practical peace-building strategies that you can start using the very next day. A book signing will follow her talk. ($15. cash only)  This book is an excellent on-going resource for resolving conflicts at work as well as home.

Here are the four main participant take-aways:

  1. Each person will learn about their personal style of solving conflicts.
  2. Easy-to-follow Simplified Mediation skills will be introduced. They can be put to use the very next day!
  3. Personal insights into personal beliefs about conflict will be gained..
  4. Practical tips on how to dis-connect your hot button.



Stress Management is all about managing those unhappy emotions like worry, frustration and anxiety; the ultimate goal is to become happier. Happier people are far more resilient when faced with a stressful issue, and they bounce back faster. Happier people have more energy for creative problem solving. The happier a person is the more relaxed their mental state which enables them to be more alert and think clearly. A rich smorgasbord of happy possibilities is offered to delight all. Participants will write down an Action Plan of three new activities they will pursue to increase their happiness.
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