Jill Schoenhofer, MBA

The closing ratio with a business referral is a minimum of 34%. The power of referrals cannot be denied and are extremely important when running a business. If bringing in new clients is important to you, Jill’s referral tips will help. Her presentation on referrals is all about where to network, where to reach the right people and how to gain business referrals. The type of professionals who enjoy Jill’s presentations and training are mortgage and insurance brokers, financial planners, IT consultants, marketing companies, lawyers, accountants, engineers and others who offer professional services.

Speaker and Corporate Trainer Jill Schoenhofer has an MBA in Marketing, an Adult Education Certificate and is an Extended DISC trainer. She worked at graphic design companies and advertising agencies for ten years in Toronto. Following that, Jill taught business and marketing courses at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and at Centennial and Seneca College for over nine years. Today, through her business, WellConnected, Jill works with business professionals to generate on going referrals. She leads training courses virtually, in person at her Markham office and at client locations. The training is in groups and Jill also offers one-to-one consulting. All her training is very interactive and practical for business professionals. Jill is an engaging speaker and has spoken to over 1,000 people in the past 2 years.


• How to Offer Your Services to Different Personality Styles – D.I.S.C. trainer

• 5 Ways to Stay Motivated with Your Business

• 7 Marketing Strategies to Gain More Clients 

• Close More Sales

• 7 Strategies to Gain More Referrals and the “Wow” Factor

• Networking for Success

• Trade Show Success


Be WellConnected

Weeks 3  |  9 Hours

Wish You had More Referrals? Don’t Know How to Answer “What do You Do”? Frustrated by Networking?

This Be WellCnnected training takes place once a week, for three consecutive weeks. It includes 3 easy steps to generate on going referrals and business.  Financial planners and insurance agents earn 5 continuing education credits when taking this training with Advocis and The Institute of Advanced Financial Education.  Also, consultants, mortgage agents, accountants, marketing companies and others who offer professional services, enjoy this training.

Step 1. Networking to be WellConnected.
Week 1  |  3 Hours• Discover your personality style with an Extended DISC assessment and learn how you communicate
• Identify personality styles in 4 quadrants to relate well to others
• Discover secrets of effective networking, according to personalities
• Work with 4 steps to assess personalities so you understand motivation of others
• Start the score card, a list of 30 activities to generate referrals (Take this 3 hour training on its own)

Step 2. Create a Compelling Networking Message.
Week 3  |  3 Hours

• Measure your score card results – choice of 30 activities to generate referrals
• Create answers to 5 questions for your message so others understand what you do
• Develop 10 characteristics of your ideal client for profitability
• Identify 10 networking strategies to make a great first impression

Step 3. Choose Where to Network and Generate Ongoing Referrals.
Week 3  |  3 Hours

• Measure your score card results – choice of 30 activities to generate referrals
• Practice your final networking message so others will want to work with you
• Choose from the 7 networking categories to generate new business
• Determine where to network to meet your ideal client
• Categorize your existing connections into 3 groups to discover referral partners
• Discover who you know that will give you on going referrals – referral partners

Trade Show Success

3 Hours

Wish you generated more sales at trade shows? This 3-hour training includes a 1) pre  2) during and 3) after plan to generate more clients when exhibiting at trade shows. The following topics will be covered:

• Define your ideal client so you choose the right shows to bring in new business
• Recognize the 3 Step Process to have a successful response
• Calculate your potential return on investment before the show so it fits in your budget
• Make a great first impression at your booth through conversation
• Formulate effective signage that will draw people to your booth

Close More Sales

Have meetings but leave without making the sale? This 3-hour training enables you allow to meet the right type of clients and make more sales.  The following topics will be covered in this training:

• Discover your existing perceptions about sales and improve them so you feel confident in all sales meetings
• Assess others with the Extended DISC personality styles and tap into how potential clients are motivated
• Define your ideal client so you have meetings with the right type of potential clients to sell more
• Adapt the 5 step sales process to make more sales in your business
• Identify client problems and figure out how your services will solve their challenges

3 Meetings Total of 4.5 Hours of Consulting or 4 Meetings Total of 6 Hours

• Exercises to create a positive attitude towards all areas of your business
• Tools to measure and achieve your goals
• Custom score card which is a list of weekly activities to generate on going referrals
• 5 Step system to increase your sales
• New ideas to attract new clients
• Where to network to meet the right potential clients
• Group your products and services into packages so they are easier to sell
• Develop a clear networking message to generate more business


“Our manager group learned valuable networking techniques through the interactive training sessions. Jill was flexible to accommodate our schedules, very knowledgeable and well organized.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other organizations who want to provide training on developing referrals and improving networking skills”
Heather Allison, CPA, CA  Senior Manager – Assurance and Accounting BDO Canada LLP

“I did find your course very helpful in being mindful of how to relate /read other personalities and do feel it has benefited me greatly in my dealings with clients… Your course also helped me greatly in business planning and focusing in the areas which will lead to increased sales. Weekly/daily routines have also greatly improved”.
Silvia Birk, CFP, PFP Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning RBC Financial Planning, Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

“I highly recommend Jill Schoenhofer as a speaker on Referrals and Exhibiting at Events. Jill has spoken at my winter Business Connects Networking Event and at a client breakfast, is as always a joy to work with. Both times she listened to my needs and delivered content that matched both my and my audience’s expectations. Jill always stays in touch while leading up to the event and shows up prepared, on time and looking professional.On stage Jill connects with the audience and her content is relevant keeping them engaged from start to finish. I always get rave reviews about Jill from my audience, which is the true testament to her relevance.”
Jennifer Beale, Event Marketing Strategist

“,We had Jill come out yesterday to speak to our group of 150 diverse business owners and after the feedback I got, I felt that I had to pass on the Kudos. The crowd was informed, entertained and walked away with some great take aways. She spoke directly to the audience in a way that fully engaged them during her performance. Jill – you made me look good, much appreciated!
I highly recommend Jill as an accomplished speaker.”
Ross Libby, Entrepreneurial Guru, Bottom Line

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