Jens Casten

As a Speaker, Jens offers Motivational and Keynote Speeches. He began his speaking career giving motivational speeches to athletes over 20 years ago.  Throughout the years, Jens became a motivational and inspirational speaker to not only athletes, but he found his niche in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Leaning on this experience in working with senior level executives and entrepreneurs, as well as his own personal experiences, he speaks about topics such as leadership development and evolution, and effective leadership.

In addition to his Key Note Speaking Services, Jens also has over 20 years of coaching experience where he works in an international landscape servicing clients around the globe. He brings an extensive variety of experience and talent to the table, and utilizes his positive outlook and unique coaching style to ensure information is delivered in an engaging and effective manner.

Jens has worked with countless business leaders to turn strategic goals into everyday actions, and has assisted executives confidently lead through change. He also works with transitioning managers into leaders, entrepreneurs into successful business owners, and works with senior executives to accelerate their contribution.

Originally coming from a professional sporting background, Jens also works with countless professional athletes who are transitioning from their professional sporting careers to life after sports, which includes both current and former NHL athletes.

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