Gabriella Fermo

Gabriella is Chief Learning Officer at Raising The Bar Training & Consulting, a Toronto based learning and development business. Gabriella custom designs learning programs and delivers team and leadership development training for corporate and consulting organizations, associations, and post graduate accredited leadership courses through Humber College.

Earlier in her career, Gabriella worked in the change management practice of Accenture where she partnered with Fortune 500 clients to implement business transformation projects. She also held various roles in human resources across different industries ranging from financial services to pharmaceutical.

Gabriella graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree with distinction in Industrial Relations and Psychology. She has earned several industry accreditations, including the Langevin Master Trainer and Prosci/ADKAR certificates, and the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation.




Would you like to replace idle chatter and awkward networking with meaningful conversation and fresh insights at your next event?

You can with our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment-based keynote and workshops!


The Power of Personality: Understanding Self, Succeeding with Others – 60-90 minutes, half-day, or full-day sessions

Custom designed for your audience, these sessions can support many topics – career management, interpersonal communications, teamwork, organizational development, change management, and more. The format is highly interactive and provides opportunities for people to get out of their seat, connect with others, and discuss the topic at hand. Everyone learns how they can harness the power of personality to become better communicators, career navigators, team players, and team leaders.

Learning Outcomes


Keynote:  60-90 Minute Session

This highly interactive session introduces how participants can use the MBTI® framework to build better relationships in work and life. Upon completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept and role of preferences in everyday life
  • Describe preferences as they relate to direction of energy, gathering information, making decisions, and relating to others
  • Guesstimate their own personality type


Workshop:  Half-Day

In addition to the learning outcomes achieved in a keynote session, participants will complete the MBTI® instrument and:

  • Gain greater insight into their own type preferences and natural strengths
  • Appreciate the value and contributions of different types to the workplace
  • Discover strategies to speak the language and connect with different types


Workshop:  Full-Day Session

In addition to the learning outcomes achieved in a half-day session, participants will also:

  • Learn how to use the MBTI® Type Table to uncover group dynamics
  • Strategize ways to increase group performance and productivity
  • Practice adapting their approach to gain influence and buy-in with different types


Gabriella was fantastic! Engaging, insightful, and fun. She miraculously corralled 100+ people into participating. That takes talent. It was nice to go to a programs dinner event where we had an opportunity to participate as well as getting to know other members of the association without feeling “forced.” It really made the evening go by quickly.

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