Debra Joy Eklove

Debra happily and passionately shares insights, strategies, stories, tools and techniques for participants to know that happiness and well-being are our birthright and create magical environments for success and productivity. Her talks and programs always contain an experiential component for people to relax, smile and be inspired.

Debra draws her presentations from a wide variety of life experiences. Born and raised in Montreal, she completed her Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University. For graduate school she studied at the London School of Economics and completed a Masters in Economics in the Economics of Health and Education. She then moved to Israel and worked in government and industry. On her return to Canada she obtained the coveted Certified Association Executive qualification and had a thriving career managing not-for profit associations.

Always interested in what (in addition to money) makes the world go round, her passion for understanding the mind, body and spirit complex moved her to intense study in alternative and complementary medicine and practices. She is a trained shiatsu therapist, energy medicine practitioner, a practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda, an ancient health and wellness science, and a teacher of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques with the Art of Living Foundation, an international humanitarian educational foundation.

In addition to speaking widely and a private practice consulting with individuals and companies, she teaches Ayurveda at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Mind Management for Excellence with the prestigious TLEX Institute and courses in meditation, yoga and breathing with the Art of Living Foundation.

Now, using her passion for Ayurveda cooking and the benefits of using food and lifestyle as tools to keep balance in body, mind and spirit, she also dedicates time to sharing this accessible wellness lifestyle.

Debra is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors and Psychometrists, the Yoga Alliance and CAPS.  Her active volunteer work includes being on the Board of Directors of The Art of Living Foundation Canada, on the Diversity Outreach with Darchei Noam Congregation and in many initiatives in the community.

Singing and dancing are regular activities for Debra who is an accomplished singer, with a solo CD of original music call a process to heart. Her son, daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons, nieces and nephews are sources of joy and gratitude.


Serenity is not freedom from the Storm, but Peace within it.

Today’s hectic pace and multiple opportunities can run us ragged. This is true for businesses, for families, adults and children.  How to still do as much as possible without depleting energy or getting too stressed?

Learn the 7 levels of Being, and how to keep them and you in balance. Balance is a key to wellness, to productivity, to success and resilience. Balance is a key to happiness.



Fitness / Nutrition / Health

  • Find your Balance

Ayurveda – Balance is a key to wellness, and wellness is a key to contributing and receiving the best life has to offer.   You deserve the best.  Everyone has a different balance point.  Learn how to find yours, and that of the people you live and work with to improve communications, teamwork and success.

All workshops have an experiential component.  This can be interactive conversations with participants, meditations, yoga and cooking demos and sampling.


Personal Growth

  • 5 Keys to Happiness: How to include these in everyday life.

Non-violence. Truthfulness. Non-stealing. Awareness. Not coveting.

We can focus on one or more, or talk about all of them as they relate to our everyday actions and responsibilities.   Living these as much as possible keeps energy positive and high, the mind clear and active and in the present where all possibilities exist.

All workshops have an experiential component. This can be interactive conversations with participants, meditation, journaling,  breathing techniques and yoga.


Stress Management

Stress is like salt and fear, a little is good but too much ruins the dish.  Understand your stress, in relation to your needs and responsibilities, your desires and your resources.  Learn tools and breathing techniques to help manage stress effectively.

All workshops have an experiential component. This can be interactive conversations with participants, meditation, journaling,  breathing techniques and yoga.



Every day is a new start. Through right perspective, right actions, a relaxed body, clear mind and joyful spirit we contribute and receive the best possible.

Individuals benefit from learning specific breathing techniques, meditations, attitudes and skills to help achieve the outcomes desired.  Coaching can be done in person or on-line.


Breakout Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstration

– of Vegetarian Goodies

– of Yoga for on and off the mat



“Thank you Debra,

I was very pleased with the event! I am impressed by the comprehensive way in which you approached your topic in the space of 60 minutes. Thanks for going to the bother and expense of returning to Toronto for the day to deliver on your commitment to us.”

   Teresa Scannell M. Ed.

    Career and Work-Life Consultant

    Organizational Development and Learning Centre, University of Toronto


“Debra has been instrumental to the launch of our Tetley Ayurvedic Balance teas.  She has provided numerous presentations to a wide variety of audiences on the topic of Ayurveda and has helped educate the audience on the what Ayurveda is and the benefits of Ayurveda and our new teas.

The audiences ranged from educating our internal sales teams, to educating media, to speaking at consumer shows with audiences of over 100 people.

Debra’s talks are always very inspiring, educational and passion-filled.  Debra has a very strong ability to read her audience, connect with her audience and adjust the content when necessary to ensure that her message is relevant and meaningful to the audience.

I have had the pleasure of watching Debra speak at over a dozen events and I am always in awe with the passion and energy displayed. Positive feedback has always been provided to me by the participants from her presentations, as she truly does impact people.

I highly recommend Debra for any speaking engagement.”

   Joyce O’Connor, Brand Manager, Tetley Canada



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