Corey McCusker

Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author. Corey has been in private practice for over 10 years, coaching individuals and teams, including business professionals, coaches and elite young athletes ages 13-16. She founded Master the Mind, Master the Game for Sports, Business and Life in 2010. Her programs include assessment tools, key components of the mental skills, and mental performance techniques that enhance and deliver key traits for peak performance. Corey`s mission is to provide the necessary mental skills to overcome stuck states, performance slumps, anxiety and to remove mental distractions so her clients can perform with ease and “in the zone”.  Corey`s experience includes working with business professionals, members of Team Canada U17 in Hockey and in Golf, as well as delivering educational webinars for the LPGA.

Corey is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques™ and Hypnosis. In addition, Corey is trained in Brain Gym and is currently pursuing certification as a HeartMath Interventions Practitioner. Before following her passion to help young athletes and business professionals, Corey held several senior management roles in the financial services industry, mentoring and leading high-performing teams.

Looking for change, results or tips to get out of a slump, remove jitters and achieve results with laser focus?

Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach who knows how to enhance performance, empower and inspire business professionals and athletes, so they take action and excel.

Here are some of her workshops to do just that!





Master The Mind, Master The Game

Learn the insider secrets to master your mind so you can master your game. Learn the 8 mental performance components necessary to achieve peak performance. Tips on how to eliminate pressure and conflicting thoughts. Increase your confidence, improve your focus and be in the zone every time you perform.  Assess where you are at currently, and identify the gaps to close and techniques to boost performance.

Train Your Brain, Boost Memory and Enhance Performance

Learn about your brain and how it functions, so you can improve results. Experience mental rehearsals and how they impact your performance and help you achieve your goals. Understand the inner mind and how you can access it.  Learn the different mental skills and brain exercises that top achievers need to master to excel.   Review mental techniques that you can do prior to, during or after your competition or performance that help you relax, focus and performance at your peak.

Supercharge Performance!
Anchor Powerful Performances and Achieve Goals
Understand anchors and mental cues that help lock in and supercharge performance.  Learn how to create an anchor before or during performance. Develop and learn the three types of goals that top achievers set.  Experience how a goal can be planted into the future using a powerful visualization technique. Learn key steps to supercharging goals.

Achieving Peak Performance and Getting into the Zone!

Remove Mental Roadblocks, Eliminate Chaos and Focus to Succeed

Learn the driving force behind getting to results. Identify the limiting and empowering beliefs and how to remove. You’ll walk away with techniques to help perform when under pressure. Learn how to eliminate distractions and gain control and focus. Learn how to get into the zone and be laser focused.

Communicate & Connect in 90 Seconds or Less!
Learn the key factors that impact communication, the various preferences people have and how to adjust your style to connect instantly with others. You will learn how to increase your personal magnetism, charisma and build rapport within seconds. Communication is the key to success and you’ll leave with techniques that can improve relationships and results.



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