Colleen Clarke

COLLEEN CLARKE is a highly recognized career specialist, corporate trainer, and public speaker in the areas of career management and transition, communication and networking. For the past 20+ years she has inspired and counseled thousands of people in groups and individually to maximize their career and workplace potential. Colleen is a certified workplace coach through the Adler Institute.

In 1990 Colleen founded a not for profit organization for unemployed business professionals called E.A.R.N., the Executive Advancement Resource Network. Over the 10 years she administered and facilitated Canada’s most recognized support group, over 7000 job seekers benefited from the weekly motivational and educational meetings and workshops..

Colleen is a qualified MBTI Step 1 & 2, Personality Dimensions, True Colors and EQ-i2.0 facilitator. She is the author of Networking How to Build Relationships That Count and How to Get a Job and Keep It. Whether speaking or writing, Colleen insightfully and humorously shares with her audience the practical insights and “hands-on” approaches and techniques she has developed as a motivational leader.

Often quoted in magazine and news articles and columns, Colleen has numerous radio and television interviews to her credit as well. She contributes monthly to The Globe and Mail’s Nine to Five career/workplace column as a workplace advisor. Whether coaching, counseling or training, Colleen exudes the passion and knowledge she has for her subject matter with humor and inspiration.

Off hours you will find Colleen on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Career Management and The National Communication Coaches Association. She is a committee member for Division 55’s Community Police Liaison Committee and an active member of the Toronto Beaches Lion’s club.

Speaker Topics

• Networking
• How to Build Relationships That Count
• Whether you are networking internally or externally within an organization or to find a new career or job, the strategies, finesses, and methodologies of professional networking are vast and tried and true.
• Learn how to increase your visibility within an organization, conduct an Advice Call during a job search or how to work a room.

Wellness Topics

• Every Office Needs a Rubber Chicken – humor in the workplace
• Only Wet Babies Welcome Change – adapting and managing
change in your life
• Juggling Life’s Priorities – learn how to centre your life rather
than balance it
• Stressed Spelt Backwards is Desserts – managing stress and
getting rid of worry

Workplace Topics

  • The Importance of Self Leadership – no matter where you are on the org chart, self leadership is a must for every employee; examine 8 factors that define self leadership
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – learn how to do both to increase your happiness quotient and to assist with employee sustainability
  • Influencing Without Authority – you don’t need to carry a big title within an organization to have power and influence. Identify your power factors from a list of 8 and how to use your influence with your peers, your boss and with the organization.
  • Up Your Value Proposition: Get Organized – Everybody is busy, busy, busy. Examine the benefits to being organized, the time wasters and interruptions that disrupt your day and 10 workplace organizing strategies that will free up time, increase your productivity and make your colleagues enviable of how you get so much accomplished in one day.
  • Coaching for Managers – Learn the basics of coaching your employees to career success by utilizing renowned coaching strategies. This is a highly interactive workshop.
  • From Classroom to Boardroom – there is a world of difference between student life and the world of work. Learn the etiquette required to portray a professional image from networking techniques, to dress for success to meeting and cubicle etiquette.
  • Building and Rebuilding Workplace Relationships – You spend minimally eight hours a day with your colleagues. Find out what gets in the way of building relationships, and what builds, destroys and rebuilds them. Learn strategies of cooperation and how to rebuild using the WIN formula.
  • 10 Secrets of High Productivity From High Achievers – Examine
  • 10 secrets from high achievers to increase and maintain high productivity in your workplace.

Communication Topics

  • Developing a Successful Mindset – Canadians are negative people, polite but negative with our “no worries” and “not bad” responses. Learn how to make a more positive impression with verbiage and communication styles that are empowering not limiting, and that utilize high energy rather than low energy words.
  • Stand Up and Wow Someone – no need to fear presenting in front of groups or committee meetings, learn techniques you can apply quickly and easily to make presenting a part of your job, not a fear.
  • Why Can’t You Be More Like Me? Based on the four dichotomies of the famous personality assessment tool, the MBTI, examine your personality preferences and those of the people you live and work with to better understand and relate to similarities and differences in communication and behavioral styles.
  • Are You Having an Emotionally Intelligent Life? – Self assess the 15 components of your Emotional Intelligence to determine your social, personal and emotional skills which determine your ability to succeed in the world, and learn how to raise your scores and improve your emotional quotient.

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