Cindy Stradling, CSP, CPC

Coach, speaker, and author, Cindy Stradling brings over 25 years of practical hands on business experience to her work.   This is where Cindy is today, not where she started.  She has developed unwavering resilience through her journey and is able to coach others how they can too. Cindy inspires others to be their personal best and keep moving toward their goals and gets how tough it can be to get started, stay motivated and ultimately prevail.

Cindy brings a breadth of experience and richness to her training and coaching sessions that clients say provides a deep dedication and level of understanding of what it takes to create breakthrough results. She is upbeat and energetic, creating a fun and uplifting, sustainable learning environment.

She works with entrepreneurs, individuals and corporations such as Wakefield Canada, 3M Canada, Scotia McLeod, CIBC, CGI, Express Scripts, Kenaidan Contracting, MMM Group and many more…


Cindy works with sales people and entrepreneurs to create the mindset and build the skills to consistently generate more leads, help their clients succeed and close more deals.  Working with Cindy, clients consistently experience success financially and develop the confidence to get out of their comfort zones to build their businesses.



“Cindy you are one of a kind. After only 4 weeks of working with you, you took my success to a whole different level. You helped me reset my mind set and now I’m getting explosive results in my efforts. Thank you for you supportive style and your encouraging words. When you are the boss, it’s hard to know when you need to pivot or if you are doing all the right things. You were my compass and my guide. Thank you.”

Jennifer Neal


“In my first 8 weeks of working with Cindy I achieved more major business goals than in the previous 8 months. (And lots of minor ones too. Which affect my business-bottom-line less, but satisfy my soul.)  It doesn’t hurt that Cindy has one of the most giving natures of anyone on the planet. She takes more genuine satisfaction in my achievements than anyone I’ve ever met.

I really appreciate the expert and attentive counselling Cindy gives. And the wealth of practical tips she has to offer. But the excitement and happiness she shows as I leap hurdles and move forward? I’m not sure how to express what that has meant to me. Or how much it motivates me. And how much it makes me believe that I can, and will, accomplish things I’d never believed I could do.”

Marcia Ross 


“Cindy and I ‘met’ when she sent a note out to her community on behalf of one of her colleagues (kindly forwarded to me by a shared connection) looking for coach/facilitators. Cindy walks her talk! Upon seeing my response, she looked up my Linked In profile, invited me to connect and have a call to get acquainted. I felt an immediate connection with her, appreciating her energy, enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humour. I was in the midst of my business planning and had been looking for a coach to challenge me in my thinking and before the end of that call, asked Cindy if she would be that person. Cindy brings a unique balance of directness and compassion to our conversations. She generously shares her wisdom gleaned from her longstanding business success and life experience, and readily connects me with others in her community who may be able to offer perspective on a given topic. I am so grateful for the way Cindy has challenged me to think differently about my business and honoured to be in a shared community with her.”

Ann Reich, ACPC, PCC