Chris Cull

Chris Cull has come a long way in the last few years. He’s halfway through his second cross-Canada bike trek in three years, but that may not be his biggest accomplishment.

Cull went from blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on prescription pills to being an advocate, dedicated to raising awareness about drug addiction.


Chris Cull is a filmmaker and the founder of Inspire by Example as well as a recovering opioid addict. In 2014 he bicycled across Canada, from Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, Newfoundland raising awareness about prescription drug abuse. He filmed his journey, and interviewed local community leaders, patients, and people in recovery along the way. In 2016 he bicycled across Canada a second time to raise awareness about the opioid crises and also to show others that are in the position that he once was that recovery is possible.

Chris is a internationally recognized public speaker and has advised numerous institutions and organizations on issues around prevention and treatment of drug abuse, including the Canadian Minister of Health, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the National Advisory Council on Prescription Drugs and was a voting panel member for the 2017 Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Chronic Non Cancer Pain.


Chris’ pure honesty about his battle with mental health and addiction will inspire you. Since he was a child, Chris has suffered with depression, anxiety and addiction disorders. When Chris was 22 years old, his father took his own life, after a battle with Huntington’s disease. Unable to cope with the loss, Chris turned to opioids to numb the pain, which resulted in losing everything that meant anything to him. After two years living without hydro in his home and stealing food to survive, Chris successfully completed his journey off of methadone. Chris would go on to cycle across Canada twice to raise awareness about mental health, addiction and the opioid crises, as well as produce and direct a documentary during his first ride to inspire those living with mental health disorders that anything is possible.

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