Bob Minhas

Bob Minhas discovered entrepreneurship out of necessity but quickly fell in love with the creativity and freedom required to start and run his own business. After launching various business ventures, Bob set his sights on helping the next wave of entrepreneurs take ideas and launch them into full fledge businesses. To date Bob has helped over 500 entrepreneurs through one-on-one coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. When he’s not coaching entrepreneurs Bob can be found supporting inititives and projects around mental health such as 2018’s TEDxNewmarket, centering on his yoga mat and enjoying life as a father of three.


Top 4 Talks:

  1. Resilency in Entrepreneurship
  2. Three Pillars to Succeed in Entrepreneurship
  3. How to find $5K in your Business RIGHT NOW!
  4. How to Find your PERFECT CLIENT today!

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