Bob Minhas

After reaching $250k in revenue in his first solopreneur venture, Bob lost it all. Quickly he found himself living out of his car and struggling to understand where his future might take him. What came next was a daily battle with mental health and a lesson in resilience and perseverance that have stayed with him to this day. Now a father of three and a successful business coach, Bob uses the skills he learned during his lowest of lows to support over 500 entrepreneurs to take thier business ideas from zero to 100. When Bob isn’t supporting the entrepreneurship commuity, he can be found advocating for mental health, centering himself on his yoga mat or enjoying lives everyday joys with his three kids.


Top 4 Talks:

  1. Resilency in Entrepreneurship
  2. Three Pillars to Succeed in Entrepreneurship
  3. How to find $5K in your Business RIGHT NOW!
  4. How to Find your PERFECT CLIENT today!

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