Belinda Tang

I bring a unique combination of deep global leadership experiences, and a Coach Certification from Teacher’s College, Columbia University Coaching Certification Program, with capabilities that exemplify the next generation of executive and organization coaches.

I often start by asking my clients “What brings you to coaching?” Most people come to coaching when contemplating making a change. Coaching is a change and learning process. As a professional executive and organization coach, I am a thought partner to my clients, supporting them in goal setting, self-discovery, self-reflection, forwarding their actions and deepening their learning. This approach of change and learning enables my clients to reach their highest potential, while achieving both their personal and organization goals.

I’ve had a corporate career where I’ve worked with leaders around the world, led transformation brought upon by industry and technology disruptions, and served in senior, cross disciplinary executive positions, all in support of change. Professional coaching capabilities have been layered onto these experiences. The best way to describe me is that I am a senior business leader who has the research-based knowledge, to be a highly effective coach. I have a maniacal focus on my client’s agenda and I build commitment through involving my clients every step of the way.

I am a Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and also Certified in Hogan Assessment Systems, both Levels 1 and 2.

My specialization in leadership and career coaching cover the following areas:

  • Specific development areas in leadership competencies and behaviors
  • Leaders transitioning to very different organization cultures
  • Leaders or leadership teams responsible for leading transformative change
  • Professionals seeking clarity in career direction
  • Achieving purposeful work and life integration
  • Building relationship and influence in female and minorities talent

    My guiding principles as a coach are:

  • Adhere to the highest ethnical standards (ICF Code of Conduct)
  • Stay focused on the clients’ agenda
  • Build commitment through involvement, and
  • Earn the right to advance

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