Anne Wootten

Anne Wootten takes pleasure in coaching her clients to achieve their best professional business image. A multi-faceted professional with more than three decades as a theatre director and film choreographer, she has spent her career making artists shine in extraordinary environments. Certified at the Protocol School of Washington and a long-time successful director, producer, teacher, writer, speech coach, business image consultant, and special events consultant, Anne’s level of expertise ensures confidence in all who work with her. In the world of television and theatre Anne specializes in period movement work where Etiquette and Protocol play a substantial role in establishing authenticity.

In today’s fast paced business world, how we represent ourselves and others plays a vital role in the success or failure of any career. When asked what she does for her clients, she answers quite simply, “I polish people.” Anne helps you refine your talent and skills in your business to “make you stand out, not stick out!”

Whether it is a seminar, lunch and learn, webinar, or one-on-one coaching, having Anne Wootten in your corner will set you up for the greatest possible success.

Among Anne’s theatre credits are eight seasons as Consulting Director/Choreographer at the Stratford Festival.  Productions included Gypsy, The Mikado, HMS Pinafore, Guys and Dolls and Carousel.  She was Assistant Director on the original stage and television version of The Mikado at Stratford, The Royal Alex, London’s Old Vic, and its triumphant run on Broadway.  She was also Assistant Director on the Stratford stage and CBC television productions of The Pirates of Penzance,Iolanthe and The Gondoliers.

Anne has taught and/or staged dance sequences for such stars as Marlon Brando, Patrick Dempsey, Brian Dennehy, Chris Farley, Bette Midler, Keanu Reaves, and Jason Robards Jr. She has worked with such directors as Carl Reiner and Peter Bogdanovich.

Here is a sample of Anne’s film work:


Perfecting Your Professional Image:

Includes instruction in how to present yourself professionally. How to make introductions, business card etiquette, and wardrobe assessment.

Business Etiquette 101:

Coaching for Young Professionals. Topics include presenting a professional image, efficient networking,  job meetings and interviews, both online and in person.

Business Etiquette for Executives and Professionals:

Includes travel etiquette, national and international briefings, and cultural awareness. Effective meetings and presentations online and in person.

Dining Skills:

North American and International Styles. How to be a wonderful host, and a popular guest.

Speaker Training:

Includes coaching in the areas of  speech writing, voice presentation and visual presentation


Outclass the Competition: Business Etiquette


Good manners go hand in hand with leadership. Learn how etiquette and protocol can propel you to world class status. Anne will teach you how to project an aura of power and confidence, make seamless business and social introductions, how to shake hands, networking etiquette, business card protocol, and electronic communications. Become a star performer – a 12 on a scale of 10!

Dine Like a Diplomat


Polished table manners will distinguish you from the crowd in business and social arenas worldwide. Seminars include receiving lines, silverware savvy, dining do’s and don’ts and American and Continental styles of dining. Learn how to be a great guest and make your hosts glad they invited you! And as the host of a dining event, you will always be at ease, learning the proper way to entertain at business and social events.

How to Succeed in the International Arena


Knowledge of international protocol is essential for anyone engaged in global business and exchange. As an envoy for your firm, you will gain a knowledge and understanding of the business and social customs of the people with whom you are negotiating. Topics include how to master the first meeting, appropriate business attire, and how to project global awareness.

Successful Style – Perfecting Your Professional Image


This seminar will help you create a positive first impression – well dressed, well groomed, and good body language. How you present yourself is critical in gaining a competitive advantage in corporate Canada as well as international business arenas. Topics include smart dressing for professional men and women, wardrobe planning, use of colour, and how to dress for meetings and interviews.

Outclass the Competition: And Have Fun Doing It!


This seminar combines elements of the above four seminars. It provides leadership skills you can implement immediately to help distinguish yourself from the competition. Projecting confidence and authority is essential for you to develop and sustain business relationships. The course includes a tutorial luncheon and workbook.

Any of these seminars can be combined to suit you and your company or association.

Anne also offers individual coaching sessions, Lunch and Learn Sessions and is also available as a Keynote Speaker.

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