Angie Gei

I have always been fascinated by “how” people communicate and express themselves. My interest in human behavior led me to a degree majoring in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, then theatre school at Ryerson University. This launched a twenty-five year career as an actor in theatre, television, film, and voice work.

Several years ago, I started a business with a partner to coach communication and presentation skills for executives in a corporate environment.  Enabling people to express their messages more powerfully became my new passion.

My new company “Angie Gei” allows me to focus on so much more than acting techniques. I constantly research and build upon my courses to benefit my clients, who come from all walks of life.

I have experienced “stage fright” many times and have learned the techniques to “hang my fears on” so that I am able to perform and communicate in a way that I want to, when I need to. Authentically and confidently presenting yourself is a choice and an ongoing practice. This realization has led me to develop this program, so we can be seen and heard and be present with presence. I look forward to meeting and working with you.


  • A professional, working actor for over twenty-five years
  • Television and film roles include: Newsroom, Traders, Street Legal, Top Cops, The Divide, Odyssey 5, Twilight Zone, and The Day Reagan was Shot.
  • Theatre credits include lead roles in: The Glass Menagerie, Sense and Sensibility, The Killing of Sister George, Talley’s Folly, The Woods, and I’ll Be back before Midnight
  • Co-producer and actor in the feature film “Expecting”, winner of a Canadian Comedy Award, Best First Feature and Most Popular Canadian Film Awards
  • Radio producer on the award-winning radio program Radio Heartbeat
  • Education – Western University, Ryerson University, and studied under many international master teachers (i.e. Uta Hagen, David Smukler, Sheldon Patinkin – full list and resume available on request)
  • Working as a story editor with writers on new scripts
  • Co-founder of Scene and Heard Inc. specializing in communication and presentation coaching. Clients included speakers from the TEDx series, authors, wealth managers, bankers, realtors, designers, superintendents of education and principals
  • Received Canadian Flag and commendation for community leadership and projects
  • Her claim to fame (according to her sons) was playing “mom” to a young Ryan Gosling in an episode of Goosebumps


Incorporate presence, presentation and communication skills to give you a powerful, confident presence. Sessions will include practical techniques and exercises.


Breath – Exercises to promote relaxation, grounding and voice support


Voice – Explore the four main areas that contribute to voice production. (Respiration, Phonation, Resonation and Articulation).  Learn how voice quality, tone and pitch changes meaning.


Nonverbal Communication (Body awareness) – Enhance our core strengths to give the impression you desire.

Improvisation – Practice this skill for flexibility and spontaneity. Increase your confidence, poise and problem-solving skills.


Speech / Words – Study presentation techniques to express yourself the way you want, so that your message and ideas are heard.


The experiential nature of these workshops are also great team-building experiences, (Maximum 8-12 participants).


Introductory Workshop

Communication skills for confident expression

Be an expert in presenting you

Be Present with Presence!

Four to eight sessions, exploring breath, voice, non- verbal cues and speaking skills (See above)

How: An experiential and interactive program of exercises and discussions




Customized Private Sessions

In a world filled with so much noise and so many choices, how do we make sure we are seen and heard? The magnetism of charisma and the courage of confidence attracts. In a comfortable environment we explore your potential to be the best you can be and to communicate with impact and awareness. Again we work with the basic principles listed above.


Preparing for the Presentation

Whether you are polishing a speech for work, preparing that Ted talk, or working on your everyday communication, the tools in these sessions, make your communication vibrant and relatable.

  • You deliver your material in a first draft. With experiential techniques and informative tips, we work through your speech for flow, dramatic impact and clear context
  • The sessions involve intensive work on the preparation of your presentation and a solid base of confident practice, resulting in an inspiring performance.
  • The length and format of these sessions will depend on the individual requirements of the client


Fun! Presence, Presentation, and Confident Communication Skills

This workshop is a fun informative holistic exploration of what it takes to be present with presence. In a safe, gentle environment, we practice techniques for relaxation and strong clear voices.  We discover how to access our own personal power and confidence. Through practical tips, exercises and discussions we learn how to safely “emotionally colour” our words so we can tell our stories the way we want and need to.

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