Aleem Visram

Aleem was rated as the top professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University, from over 200 Faculty in 2012. Aleem teaches the Social Media, Consumer Behaviour, Brand and Marketing Management courses in the BBA, MBA and Executive Education Programs at the Schulich School of Business. Prior to teaching, Aleem spent over a decade in Marketing Management at several global Fortune 100 companies, including Pfizer, American Express, Kraft, Novartis and Tata. Aleem was a keynote speaker for the Richard Ivey School of Business Alumni Association, the Economic Planning Board of Ontario, the Empire Life National Conference in Las Vegas, and to over 500 participants at Qualified Financial Services and Advocis. He won the Canadian Marketing Award for best overall marketing campaign with Kraft Canada. Aleem has appeared on CBC, Global, CTV, CP24 and Rogers TV news. Aleem is also the Owner of MIRFP Financial Planning, a company with over $25 million of assets under management and over 1,000 clients.



Personal Branding Keynote

This session will explain what makes a successful brand and how to create a differentiated brand. Participants will learn how to create and deliver an attention-getting personal branding statement. The session will teach them proven branding & marketing strategies, including how to build an effective social media presence and how to create and share branded content.


Motivational Speech: Empowering & Educating Woman in Afghanistan

Do you know your why- why do you do what you do? What drives you to get up in the morning? What makes you tick? What are your dreams and aspirations? This presentation will take you on a visual journey back in time to 2004 as Aleem shares his experiences going to Afghanistan with a Canadian non-profit organization to set-up schools for girls across the country. Through this breath-taking story, you will be motivated to help others and make a difference in your community. Aleem risked his life negotiating with drug lords, living through extreme cold weather with no running water, electricity or roof over his head, resulting in frostbite and a parasite. Despite all these challenges, he achieved the objective of opening several schools in the most remote area of Afghanistan, thereby providing education to Women for the first time in over 30 years, and was appointed by CIDA as the Canadian Global Youth Ambassador upon his return to Canada. The pictorial presentation teaches participants about effective teamwork, setting and achieving goals, and how to overcome obstacles.




Social Media for Business Seminar 

Many companies have begun to incorporate social media as part of their marketing strategy, but very few are doing it right. This course will use a combination of social media platforms along with online webinars, in class group activities, and case studies to teach participants the keys to successfully implementing social media as part of their integrated marketing strategy. This course not only teaches about the various social media options available, but also how to use the platforms that attract your target consumer. Through an in-depth study, you will learn how to build an online community of advocates and use social media to build relationships with your most important influencers. Participants will apply the learning from the course content and webinars to analyze their own company’s social media efforts. They will use online tools to evaluate feedback from customers and classmates to implement the best practices in a comprehensive social media plan.


Money Matters 101: Personal Finance

In today’s world, there are so many investment options and so much noise in the media, making it very difficult to determine how to allocate your money and where to put it. This session will cover elements of personal financial planning, including debt management, risk management, retirement & investment planning, tax planning and estate planning. Participants will learn what to prioritize and how to manage their money better. We will discuss what tax sheltered saving vehicles they should take advantage of, how much they should be saving for retirement & what they should be investing in to grow their wealth and protect their families.


Effective Persuasion and Negotiations

Do you know what makes people do what they do? This course will outline the key drivers of human behaviour and how you can influence and persuade your customer to believe in your product or service over your competitor. Through an interactive exercise, participants will role-play a buyer and seller situation and use participatory learning to understand how to communicate more clearly and effectively. They will also learn how to change their sales approach to target their consumer with a more meaningful value proposition, and how to apply key drivers, such as visual cues and body language to land the sale.


Mark Porcheron
Insurance Advisor of Life and Living Benefits at RBC Insurance

I had the pleasure of attending Aleem Visram’s presentation on the use of Social Media for Financial Advisors at the Advocis Symposium last week. I was very pleased with both the professionalism of Aleem as well as the way that he engages his audience. He not only convinced me of the value of social media, but also demonstrated how to use it effectively through tangible examples he has used to grow his own business as a Financial Advisor. His presentation slides were very detailed, but not too busy that it is difficult to follow along. I was impressed with his knowledge of social media marketing, and I hope to apply the tools I learned from his presentation to grow my business as well. I would highly recommend Aleem for any future presentations on the power of social media marketing.


Jim Kennedy
Executive Account Manager at Empire Life

Aleem’s presentation on using social media as a prospecting tool and to provide information for client meetings was outstanding. His presentation is very interactive and you come away from it with many useable ideas that are easy to implement immediately. Thanks you for your presentations to Empire Life and Peel Halton Advocis. I would strong recommend hiring Aleem to speak to your organization.


Shane Biehn
CFP Senior Financial Advisor/Certified Financial Planner

I recently attended a social media presentation of Aleem’s in Las Vegas. I found the presentation very informative with tips and tricks I could start implementing right away. He is very passionate about using social media in his business and sharing that knowledge with fellow advisors like me. I’m glad I had a chance to attend his session.

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