Getting to know your customers

Businesses that take the time to know their customers see higher sales and greater long-term success than those who don’t, according to Marc Gordon, who is known as the “Customer Experience Expert”.

“It’s astounding the amount of information customers are willing to share with businesses they buy from,” says Marc. “All a business owner has to do is ask and listen. The feedback is essentially a roadmap for success.”

In his presentations, Marc shows companies how to attract new customers while gaining the loyalty of current ones. Here are three tips he shares on how a business can learn more about their customers.

Talk to them outside of a business setting. Nobody will give you an honest answer in front of co-workers. That’s why you need to get your customers out of the office. Take them out for lunch, meet them at a trade show or a golf tournament. Casual settings relax people and they are then more likely to share their opinions and ideas.

Create opportunities for feedback. A client of Marc’s who owns a steak house wanted to introduce new menu items, but didn’t know which ones would be a hit. Marc suggested creating a “President’s Club” where people would be invited to exclusive tasting events. For a fixed fee, customers would try the new dishes, plus there would be guest wine experts and chefs offering advice. Customers could join the club by signing on to the restaurant’s email list. The result was free press for the restaurant, a growing email list, an added source of revenue during slow times, and lots of customer feedback.

Be hands on. Too many owners stay in their offices, hidden from the day to day interactions with customers. Walking the floor, working the counter, and making visits with the sales team is a great way to not only learn more about your customers, but also make them feel valued and appreciated

Marc Gordon is a nationally recognized speaker, media personality, and consultant. Lean more about Marc and how you can have him speak at your next event by calling Lori Dalton at (416) 318-1503.